The sporty sedan concept is still continued by 2016 Lexus GS F. Actually, GS F new series has a shorter wheelbase compared with previous series. By reducing the wheelbase, driver can get the top car performance easily. As we know, speed is the main characteristic of sporty car. Lexus also still give their attention in […]

2016 Audi TTS is one of the latest cars developed by Audi. This car along with the new Audi TT is going to be one of the major cars developed by Audi for the year of 2015 and 2016. This new car installment will include various enhancement especially from the engine, body design in both […]

2016 BMW M8 Release Date - BMW as the automotive company makes a sweet present for its 1 century by using 2016 BMW M8. This sports car will be special because it will be launched right at the date of BMW century. Actually, M8 series is the successor of MBW M1 series. This new sedan will also […]

2016 Honda CR-Z - As the characteristic of R type, 2016 Honda CR-Z has a sportier design compared with its old model. Honda CR-Z provides many car advantages with the futuristic design. This car is one of Honda sports car to compete with other sports car. Although the price for the size of the sports car […]

 2016 Honda Accord has been categorized as one of luxury sedan. It is proven from many latest features and technologies which are brought by this new sedan. Honda Accord 2016 comes with a new luxurious design and advanced features. All of Accord feature is the premium feature that cannot be found in the other car […]

2016 Land Rover Defender - Land Rover wants to continue the success of legendary off-roader generation by launching 2016 Land Rover Defender. Although its name is defender, this car can attack the SUV segment by using many features which is armored in Land Rover Defender 2016. In this case, the new Defender is the most capable Land […]

Lincoln claims that 2016 Lincoln MKX is SUV car that will become the third of four all new 2016 models. This car can be categorized as the reborn of MKX series which was launched in 2006 as the first launching. Actually, this car is five doors crossover car which is powered with front engine can […]